New Shop Adventures


Getting ready for a new adventure! I’d like to go into more detail, but I still have preparations to make! Have a target date and a busy month ahead with family and holiday, and very little time off from my regular job! So it’s a hustle effort for sure!  I’m so grateful to family and friends for their support and  I will be sharing more as I go along this exciting journey!


Fall Changes, Sun Still Shines


Autumn Splendor
“I walked on paths of crisp, dry leaves after, that flamed with color and crackled with laughter ” – Unknown

This is a layout I made to remind me that Fall is another season, these season all come and go so quickly, the sun is still shining and on the days I can see it, I will get out in nature and soak it up! On the days I don’t see it, get out in nature and love it for what it!


          Just embrace the day period.