Big Time Shop Sale

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Visit my Etsy Shop for unique, eclectic, handcrafted items – décor pieces, greeting cards, mixed media canvas frames, and upcycled art!  use code “Spring” and get 30% off anything!  Anything – No minimum purchase!  This is a “big time” deal!


Yes I used the word “Big Time” because I’m having a generous sale right now that lasts until 4-23-16.  I had someone already take me up on the offer, because she wanted a heart in my shop, but she didn’t want the gold pieces in it and I am very accommodating for custom orders as long as I have the time to make them!  So I’m making her custom heart!

Also, now is a great time to buy a unique gift for MOM, and in my shop you can get a handmade card while your are there – like a “one stop” shop and I always go the extra mile to put nice finishing touches on my packages so you know you are getting something special.  I’m very new to selling, but I’m not new to making and I’ve had a few people say that doing 30% is a little much when I’m not really making any money in my business yet….well, it might be a little much, but I don’t care!  I love deals and I don’t know who doesn’t!  Sure, I’m not going to be able to have these kind of deals all the time, but for now…I’m doing it!

I also and a little “over the top” generous too because I’m sending a “Pounceback” coupon for 40% off the next purchase and it won’t expire until 2017!  Yep, 2017!  That gets you through Christmas for goodness sake!

I’m all about honesty!  I am very committed to building my business because it’s something I want to do the rest of my life!  I have a day job and I’m nowhere near the point of ditching it and I’m committed in whatever I have to do!

I’m holding on tight to my dreams, time will continue to roll on and I’m not one to wait until retirement to live the second half of my life so I started!  I’m here to learn business and understand what I can do to serve others and provide quality handmade items!

I hope you will give my shop a look!  Thank you, from me and Frankie (he’s the Cat Boss that gets to watch me hustle – and I’m jealous of him!)

>>>>>>>>>>>>Here’s the picture of the custom paper heart in progress! <<<<<<<<<<<



Do you love Unique Decor?


I AM making, painting, mixed media frames and art for my etsy shop! what do you like to see? Just join me in my journey, I love having like minded souls on my journey with me. EXPLORE my blog, if you like what you see join me on other social media platforms – links here on my page. Thanks for stopping by!






Thank you for looking, I’m so happy you landed in my blog!  LOVE & KINDNESS FILL YOUR DAY! 🐾🐱Frankie & Lori

Blogger Illiterate

Ok, I finally updated my theme on WordPress, something I’ve wanted to do for several months, but kept thinking I’ll just do it when I “upgrade” to an actual website.  Well, I’m putting off the website now for a bit while I make some decisions!  Since starting a business of turning my crafting hobby of 18 years into a business my head has been spinning out of control!  I’ll save you the blah, blah, blah stuff. Except I got my business license finalized on Monday!  Whew!

Anyway, in keeping with my post title (I can get off track easily!) I’m seriously blogger illiterate – the only things I’ve managed to do since start/re-starting my blog is:

1) create a blog posts (getting more consistent now – yay)

2) Add my Instagram Widget!  Not sure how to add other widgets – facebook and Etsy (store link)

3) And affiliates – just another ball game I have to figure out

4) Today – I managed to change the theme and add my logo and banner!  My banner is not centered and that’s ok – for now, I’m in a rush (again) and I’ll probably tweak with it later.  At least I have more uniformity to my page now – that matches my facebook and etsy shop!

Ok, I know there are lots of tutorials/you tube videos for everything and one of these days I’m going to need to commit some time to learn the tips/tricks of re-fining blogs. For now, I’ve got too many ovens in the fire with wrapping my head around business things so I’m going to table the tutorials for now and get used to my new theme and decide if I like it or not?

I don’t have many followers, but if you have landed on my page a time or two and notice my changes and like the new theme or have suggestions – I’m all ears…or eyes I guess makes more sense.

AND oh, boy…speaking of eyes….the eye strain of managing sites and being online can take a toll ….I think this is why I’m taking things kind of slow.  Since being an “online shop” I’ve had to be “online” much more than I anticipated.  And after working on a computer all day at work and then managing my online biz stuff in the evening for a few more hours well that adds up to about 12+ hours a day between smartphone and laptop. I finally got my laptop a month ago.  I can’t even believe I was trying to do blog posts on a phone – no wonder why my eyes and brain were killing me!  Well, besides the fact that I’m 40 something and not as quick typing/texting and figuring all the tech stuff out!  BTW – can anyone just tell me what is the difference between Categories & Tags when it comes to using things on a blog?  I’m used to “hash tagging” every image of mine on Instagram, but not sure if I need to pick categories on the blog – it just seems redundant.

I’m really appreciative of Bedtime now when my poor eyes can rest from all the eye strain.  Any good tips for taking care of the eyes (besides taking a break from computer!)

Thanks for reading/visiting my page.  I’m pretty excited for my new business ventures and blogging is going to become a wonderful time to share all the ups and downs of Entrepreneurship!


Take Flight


Launched my Etsy! Celebrating, here by expressing my thoughts! I’ve got so much to share and if you are looking for eclectic,  I’m your source! 
I have cards, frames tags and “more” the “more” part is my eclectic array…small right now, but the items are coming!   My mind literally never stops…until I physically sit and quiet it to meditate and that takes discipline and I have devolped that skill , thank goodness  (still have a long way to go) but I can stop creating, it’s my breath! It’s my drug!  I listen to a vast array of music and it just MOVES me to make something! 


I paint, I mix media, I painted my background to this photo then blended with my fractal. Love working with various software to see what I can produce “graphically”.

On the flip side though, I actually use my hands and make things! Busy hands, busy mind….and I hope you will check out my Etsy shop.’m just a beginner, but I will grow, I am “Dwilling”




Thanks for reading my blog! As a new blogger, I’m on a learning curve here too! But I’m striving!


Coming Soon


Still in the process of stocking the shop. It will be an eclectic array of handcrafted pieces all made with love! I like to take my time as if each piece was being made for my friends and family, no detail goes unnoticed.  If you like “one of a kind” and unique styles this shop may be right up your alley. I specialize in mixed media art,  there will be cards, frames, tags, altered books, altered records and other paper crafts.

The shop opens on Friday, the 13th! I think that’s a lucky day and I also think Black Cats are lucky! Here’s my Frankie Cat!


We hope you stop by the shop!

New Shop Adventures


Getting ready for a new adventure! I’d like to go into more detail, but I still have preparations to make! Have a target date and a busy month ahead with family and holiday, and very little time off from my regular job! So it’s a hustle effort for sure!  I’m so grateful to family and friends for their support and  I will be sharing more as I go along this exciting journey!

An Artist’s Soul

FB_IMG_1440386911242I absolutely love this!!!!  (source: unknown, share if known)

I appreciate handcrafted items because I make things myself and so many times I’m just “winging” it, I’m in inspired by others artwork, but then I sit and just start putting together whatever comes to mind, it is really from my heart and soul and I try to give it my very best!  On occasion I will sketch something out, but most often I just get an idea and go with it.  My most recent crafty projects right now are Halloween spell books (old, books I alter), so stay tuned and I promise before Halloween gets here I’ll share one or two.  Next time you meet an artist, I hope you will take the time to stop and think about this quote because it’s so very true.

Cat’s Got Craft!


Well, Frankie and I have been getting our craft on! So I’ve not held up my plans to blog more! Plus I’m really holding out (going on 3 yrs now ) for a iPad or laptop, the phone just isn’t cutting it and home PC is slower than molasses!  October is an extra good crafting month! I’ve got spellbooks, potions & tags all in progress!  And a couple mixed media canvases on the side! I love sharing and hopefully I’ll do some tutorials in the near (or far) future!  Here’s a sneek peek….



                       Happy Haunts