Big Time Shop Sale

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Visit my Etsy Shop for unique, eclectic, handcrafted items – décor pieces, greeting cards, mixed media canvas frames, and upcycled art!  use code “Spring” and get 30% off anything!  Anything – No minimum purchase!  This is a “big time” deal!


Yes I used the word “Big Time” because I’m having a generous sale right now that lasts until 4-23-16.  I had someone already take me up on the offer, because she wanted a heart in my shop, but she didn’t want the gold pieces in it and I am very accommodating for custom orders as long as I have the time to make them!  So I’m making her custom heart!

Also, now is a great time to buy a unique gift for MOM, and in my shop you can get a handmade card while your are there – like a “one stop” shop and I always go the extra mile to put nice finishing touches on my packages so you know you are getting something special.  I’m very new to selling, but I’m not new to making and I’ve had a few people say that doing 30% is a little much when I’m not really making any money in my business yet….well, it might be a little much, but I don’t care!  I love deals and I don’t know who doesn’t!  Sure, I’m not going to be able to have these kind of deals all the time, but for now…I’m doing it!

I also and a little “over the top” generous too because I’m sending a “Pounceback” coupon for 40% off the next purchase and it won’t expire until 2017!  Yep, 2017!  That gets you through Christmas for goodness sake!

I’m all about honesty!  I am very committed to building my business because it’s something I want to do the rest of my life!  I have a day job and I’m nowhere near the point of ditching it and I’m committed in whatever I have to do!

I’m holding on tight to my dreams, time will continue to roll on and I’m not one to wait until retirement to live the second half of my life so I started!  I’m here to learn business and understand what I can do to serve others and provide quality handmade items!

I hope you will give my shop a look!  Thank you, from me and Frankie (he’s the Cat Boss that gets to watch me hustle – and I’m jealous of him!)

>>>>>>>>>>>>Here’s the picture of the custom paper heart in progress! <<<<<<<<<<<



Colorful Cat

Of course every order I place has to have something “CAT” related in it, or it wouldn’t be my order!  Got some new stamps from Carrabelle Studios , and a new coloring book called “Creative Cats” – I just love the trend of coloring books, coloring was my favorite thing to do as a kid and teen and then I got to color with my kids when they were toddlers and then fast forward to now and yay!!! I’m back to coloring again, and stamping and making.  Once a maker, always a maker!
It may take some time to get my first page colored….someone is jealous that I’m paying more attention to this cat on paper!  The life of creating with cats!  Oh, I have to add Frankie’s disgusted look too!

Why is this mess all over “MY” table?

Well, off I go, I’ve got lots of coloring and stamping and card making to do OH…and I’ve got this fun loving cat to cuddle and give attention too!  He’s so much nicer than he looks.

Transylvania Vintage-Gothic Style Handcrafted (Altered) Book

Who can resist a great looking book, went “Dracula” style with this one!  I love Halloween and finding fun, unique, one of a kind décor! And sometimes that’s hard to find, so I was inspired to start making my own. Each altered book is a “one of a kind”. I love making these and I take a lot of pride in preparing all the bits and pieces carefully with quality materials.

Altered Book

Altered Book

This book is stained and painted with various acrylics and Tim Holtz Distress stains and paints and then covered with grungeboard which has been prepped with distress inks/stains and then various papers are embellishments are applied including a wax seal for that old world feel. I’ve added a brass hardware hinge and other jewelry (chain, key, cross) The book is sealed shut (not intended to be opened) includes 5 pull out handmade cards.

Handmade Tags

Handmade Tags

The are decorated as well on the back – all of the cards are handmade as well. The tag can be pulled directly out of the book and used as a bookmark for your own favorite book! The books I used are all old books and I’ve given them a re-purpose (aka upcycling). Makes for a great conversational piece and will look great on a mantel above a fireplace or on a bookshelf or in a haunted house!  This is my kind of “old-world” realistic décor!

Back/side of book

Back/side of book


An Artist’s Soul

FB_IMG_1440386911242I absolutely love this!!!!  (source: unknown, share if known)

I appreciate handcrafted items because I make things myself and so many times I’m just “winging” it, I’m in inspired by others artwork, but then I sit and just start putting together whatever comes to mind, it is really from my heart and soul and I try to give it my very best!  On occasion I will sketch something out, but most often I just get an idea and go with it.  My most recent crafty projects right now are Halloween spell books (old, books I alter), so stay tuned and I promise before Halloween gets here I’ll share one or two.  Next time you meet an artist, I hope you will take the time to stop and think about this quote because it’s so very true.

Cat’s Got Craft!


Well, Frankie and I have been getting our craft on! So I’ve not held up my plans to blog more! Plus I’m really holding out (going on 3 yrs now ) for a iPad or laptop, the phone just isn’t cutting it and home PC is slower than molasses!  October is an extra good crafting month! I’ve got spellbooks, potions & tags all in progress!  And a couple mixed media canvases on the side! I love sharing and hopefully I’ll do some tutorials in the near (or far) future!  Here’s a sneek peek….



                       Happy Haunts

Books, Sewing, Creating, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This post is going to be short and sweet.  Sometimes pictures can say it all, and maybe these pictures will resonate what I’m feeling for my lack of words.

Books:  My life is rich and full.  I feel very blessed.  I’m living to the fullest, I’m marinating my brain in books….ahhh, just love reading…currently RE-Reading “I Can See Clearly Now” by the beloved Dr. Wayne W. Dyer who’s passed onto the eternities!  (RIP) great soul.  I’m immersing myself in his teachings again and finding the music inside me and re-committing to living at a higher level.  Each day, I truly am a little better than I was the day before!


Reading List:  Angels – Donald Parry, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnigie and The Life-Changing magic of tidying up – Marie Kondo

Sewing:  I used to sew (15 yrs ago) and decided to pick this skill up again!  Re-learning from a designer – AnneB Designs.  So far so good:)  (See my Instagram)

Creating:  I’m always creating, but this month I’m involved in challenges!  Working on cards for ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap hosted by Grungearttica and working on Art Journaling –

I love mixed media  – GelliPrinting: wpid-20150525_104908.jpg

And if it was possible I’d spend 8 hours or more in my craft space everyday just creating something…for me or for another!  If I can make something that brings a smile to someone’s face —-that makes me happy!

I’ve got to go now…..and lastly here’s how I feel – in the name of Hendrix Song…..”Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!” I’ve got lots of work to get back to!

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading.  I love comments.  Have a blessed day!

IMG_20140831_194722_20150303185143336 (1)

Depeche Mode, Styxx, and Violent Femmes (FBF – the 80’s) Commonalities

Ok, “SOMETIMES” I just have to go back to my 80’s music and play it LOUD and “GET THE BALANCE RIGHT” and play with my art supplies just like I did a few years ago (oops, I mean 25ish/30ish years ago) ok, math was not my thing, but ART was! (oops, I mean doodling in notebooks was!) Spending my day off work playing until I have to go to my kids events.  “All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed” was a boyfriend back in the 80’s and now “All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed” is “Time”.  Oh, that makes me think of another song that my brother used to play on those things called records – “Too Much Time On My Hands” —–ughhhhh—– IF ONLY!!!!

Ok, probably obvious that I didn’t get enough sleep.  I’m just doing this to put in my Art Journal, not going for a blogging award.  Time to “KISS OFF”!   Keeping it simply stupid…. time to get inky, I’m

better without words!!!!.  Being 40ish and joining 10 different types of social media sites in 6 months…not one of the brightest things I’ve done in my mid-life.  oh, well, for what it’s worth, a little Flash Back Friday!  Now, do I “hashtag” or just “tag”? Share to Facebook, Instagram, Google, TSU, Pinterest, CANVA, Tumblr???? least I didn’t grow up in the 60’s!   #creates #fortysomething #art #stamping #blogging #music #inspired

Multiple Lives

Sometimes I’m all over the place, I definitely find life to be exciting and I’m always on to the “next best thing” and then I’m back to the thing I was doing a month ago because I remembered it was the “next best thing” I was loving to do with my time.  Where I’m going with this is my hobbies and interests.  I started scrapbooking over 15 years ago and in the past few years I’ve evolved with it and now I realize I’m truly a crafty/artsy person by heart.  I love the hands on – making things even to quilling paper (that was the thing I was doing a month ago) then last week, I put my quilling tool and papers away to do some fractal art and that was quite a bit of fun, until I realized how many more hours I was spending on a computer screen after working 9-5 on a computer and then wondering why I was getting headaches and then being frustrated because I have to squeeze my reading time in each night!

Well, this blog could go in so many directions at this point so I just want to sum it up with I have multiple lives (sounds better than a lot of interests) and it’s quite entertaining that is for certain.  I read an article in Psychology Today about “Reinventing Yourself” – Its was great – I think that is what I’m going through a type of “re-inventing myself” to be who I really want to be.  I haven’t educated myself on how to insert links and pictures and citations etc. into my blogging, but when I make the time to do that, I’m sure it will make significant improvements in my blogging abilities.  I read up on the etiquette and making sure to give credit where credit is due and that article was great and I think it was June 2014.

For what this post is worth…a big “Thank you ” in advance to anyone who reads it….as I’m not the quickest in replying, but I hope to get this blogging thing down (I know it’s been a thing for quite a long time) and I’m going to lose the fear and self-limiting beliefs of blogging.  I guess for years now, I’ve felt like I’m the only person on the planet not blogging, but I really know that is not true.

Handcrafted Christmas Cards 2014


My Christmas Cards

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? I’m not one to skip over Thanksgiving, but I need to get a jumpstart on making cards! I am “little” excited about the snow now…well for a few minute’s,  but it will pass.

  #cardmaking #stamping #diecut #inky #distress #DIY #showyourwork