Believe in Time 

It’s been awhile again and I’m going in hundred directions!  I’m happy it’s Friday and a three day weekend,  I just need more three day weekends or how about three weeks off work (that would be my miracle!)  Oh,  day jobs get in the way and it’s frustrating when I’m trying to make my art and build a small business and all the other things that are life’s demands. 

I’m sorry, my intention is not to complain,  it’s to get my  feelings and thoughts out in the open onto a page, to keep my blog active,  I love journaling and haven’t found the time,  so I just decided, it’s a good moment to take my break from work and to release them and realize everything will be OK.  Right?  Tell me it will,  tell me that someone reads my blog?  Tell me that someone follows my Facebook business page?  ….And that’s another page I took a break from for a bit. 

I know I’m a dreamer and sometimes I get impatient and I have to remind myself that building a business takes time and I need to realize my accomplishments… I just don’t have many cheering me on and that’s OK, I’m not looking for praise or sympathy,  I’m just needing one person to say,  “Hey Girl,  it’s going to be O.K. – you are doing great,  you are working hard and your dreams are in process! ” In “Due Time” right?  I just joined Toastmasters and I’m hoping to improve my writing and communication skills,  I just got a mentor and I think she will be a wonderful resource for me to learn from and develop more skills and confidence and PATIENCE with myself,  I am patient with others,  but when it comes to myself I’m a mess!  I demand too much from myself,  I have this ” one woman” business,  but I make things with the mentality of a workforce that would require at least 20 people to accomplish what I want to accomplish,  it’s simply crazy,  I’ve got to slow down. 

Dreamcatchers have been my favorite items to make,  I’m always in a nice relaxed state of mind when I’m making them. Ahhh,  I’m going to be a dreamer and in the (cliché ) lyrics from Journey,  telling myself “Don’t Stop Believing” and Fleetwood Mac,  “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow it will soon be here” hard one to swallow when I still have almost 15 years until retirement..  I need a miracle,  I have a goal to be out if my day job in 5-7 years!  Someone help me reach my Goal!  

Ok,  on a final note of motivational lyrics by Olivia Newton John,  “Have to believe we are magic,  nothing can stand in our way! ” 



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