My July (One shop opened!)

20160630_164758-1oh my, where do I begin with my July?!  It’s like a blur now, like a whirlwind that came through and left me feeling, like I need to ask, “What just happened?”  July is my most favorite month because it’s the heart of Summer and it’s also my birthday month!  And the fact that it’s just summer makes me really happy.

So I managed to get quite a bit done personally and professionally!  The pic above was a pallet my brother-in-law was going to cut up and throw in the fire!  Can you even imagine that! (haha…) I yelled no, stop I’m going to use that.  So now this sits by our huge pine tree at the camp spot – it looks awesome!

Ok, so we managed to camp quite a few weekends and had a big camping get together over the fourth of July, then it was hustle time for me to get my store (booth) set up in a new store in our hometown!  One of the reasons I closed my Etsy shop so I could focus on inventory and set up for the new shop that opened this month.  First, I need to say  I’m so grateful for my husband and son – especially my husband taking time to go shopping with me to get the fixtures and then load them in the truck and drive home on the freeway with them (which was scary – one piece was very wobbly and we didn’t anticipate getting two pieces – so it had to stand upright on the one and a half hour drive home) -I held my breath a lot…..and we made it without one tumbling out of the truck and being trampled on freeway, I had so many thoughts going through my head on the drive home.  Then my daughter helped us too and the four of us managed to get them from the truck into the store.  They were dang heavy!!!!!  (Below my son models the heaviest piece.)


20160622_174123So, maybe I should back up a bit with the story.  I got the opportunity to have my handmade items in a new store in my hometown!  Morgan Mercantile opened it’s doors for a preview on July 4th so I was scrambling to get my items set up!  I managed to get it done for the most part. Here’s one fixture with my handmade dreamcatchers, acrylic art bulbs, greeting cards and acrylic mixed-media frames.

20160624_154106-1I anticipated opening my Etsy shop back up the end of July, but I blinked and now it’s August and I’m not open nor will I be for a bit.  I anticipated getting more items made and I had a pretty successful month at the new store (YAY!  No complaining at all) but I had to re-stock a few things and so I haven’t been able to get more made to put back online – between working my full time job, getting this set up and maintained, camping on weekends and other fun summer stuff we like to squeeze in plus just the average day to day stuff that has to be done (dinner, laundry – we still need to eat and smell clean) it’s been a whirlwind.  I managed to “sit” in my yard a couple times to enjoy what I planted – oh, trying to do a garden and yardwork too….it’s a wonder I have a plant living!  I have a few tomato plants – not all of them are doing so well (bummer) and then a few flowers that are perennials (I’m learning these are the best plants since they will come back year after year – at least I hope so) and I’m pretty much giving up on flower baskets – it’s been too hot.  So, in a nutshell, I’ve been really MIA here on my blog!  If you follow and read – thanks so much…this was quite a mouthful/earful!

Oh yes, I also joined Toastmasters International so I anticipate becoming a better communicator/writer/speaker. I think this will help with my blogging abilities as well. I joined in July too!   Me and my bright ideas (and I’m being sarcastic – because I always think “hey, yes I should….I can do that, no problem)  then crashes and looks like a zombie for two days while I recover from the 100 things I’m trying to do and commitments I made! I’m really all or nothing so right now…I’m an “ALL” and in a few days I will be a “Nothing”  As an introvert I have to recharge and lately I have to recharge big time!

I’m kind of screaming inside my head because I love Halloween and I have lots of ideas of things to make, but I know I won’t have the time to get all of them done, but I’ll do the best I can and I’m slowly making progress!  I have to remind myself of all the big steps I took this past year ….for heck’s sakes I started my own business!!!!! That’s a big deal right?  Everything that goes into it.  Ok, I’ve blogged enough to make up for the lag in-between my last post.   Like I mentioned above, I managed to sit for about a minute in my yard and I love the moments when I see butterflies and believe me, these butterflies have been around my yard all summer…..good signs of my Transformation!  Here’s a couple more pics, our camp spot by the river with our doggies!  And from my yard – my cute perennial flower with a sweet butterfly!  Cheers friends until next time!



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