Cat Boss watching me Link!

Ok, I think I figured out how to link to my Facebook Page.  So this is a test I’ll include a picture just for fun!  I’ve got a Boss Cat – he’s the boss – sitting pretty while I do all the work.  Have a great weekend All:)  The OFFICE CAT!

He has been bound and determined to sit on my new printer so I put the box lid up here and low and behold – it just loves it and thinks its the coolest bed ever!



2 thoughts on “Cat Boss watching me Link!

  1. Hi Lori, Your WordPress looks so lovely. The colour scheme looks very classy & fun. And I think the logo fits perfectly.
    I have an office cat as well, which I call my assistant. To be honest, he is the worst assistant possible, though, he is more interested in getting pet than me finishing my work. (And he particularly loves wet paint for some reason.)
    I have an Instagram now too, I will try to find you on there! 🙂
    ~ Sofie

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    • Hi Sofie, Thank you so much. I’m liking the theme, but I’m so undecided on the color scheme. I had the gray background, but now I’ve switched to the white background. Going to give it until this week to make a final decision. Thanks for compliment on my logo. If you visit again – please tell me if you liked the gray background vs the white. I think you may have saw it when I had gray. Ugh decisions right?!!! Oh, glad you have a cat too and get to put up with the fun cats bring (haha). I saw your notice on Instagram – Yay! I love connecting. Glad we are on this journey together.


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