Here’s just a quick snapshot of what’s in my shop and what ideas came when using the so called tree ornament shaped like a light bulb!


In December I was busy making Christmas Ornaments and I bought a few light bulbs ornaments, well, not just a few, I ended up ordering a case and misread the quantity! I ended up with 36 and Christmas was over when my shipment arrived.

I begin with an idea,  then it becomes something else. – Pablo Picasso



So I decided to convert them into hot air balloons and various eclectic, whimsical decor pieces! Its been such a fun & Inspiring process! My shop is stocked with these Cuties and I even have a completely different style too…like the electronic/IT gadget pieces which I personally love & appreciate having worked in IT department.



And being a music lover I just had to fill this one up with Vinyl record and sheet music! This particular one is a hanging ornament, but it can be converted into I piece that stands on the desk! Just adhere a washer with E6000 industrial bonding glue or I can do that for you!  If you are interested in any of these just visit my Etsy shop Eclecticat444decor. These make great gifts! And right now through February 29, I am throwing in a   FREE greeting card or tag with any purchase! 
Here’s the link.


Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun ideas for a fun weekend!

P.S. I have more ideas for the “light bulbs” coming very soon…new ideas always in the works!
Please leave comments,  feedback, I love to hear from you! I can customize these somewhat so if you have any ideas let me know!


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