Take Flight


Launched my Etsy! Celebrating, here by expressing my thoughts! I’ve got so much to share and if you are looking for eclectic,  I’m your source! 
I have cards, frames tags and “more” the “more” part is my eclectic array…small right now, but the items are coming!   My mind literally never stops…until I physically sit and quiet it to meditate and that takes discipline and I have devolped that skill , thank goodness  (still have a long way to go) but I can stop creating, it’s my breath! It’s my drug!  I listen to a vast array of music and it just MOVES me to make something! 


I paint, I mix media, I painted my background to this photo then blended with my fractal. Love working with various software to see what I can produce “graphically”.

On the flip side though, I actually use my hands and make things! Busy hands, busy mind….and I hope you will check out my Etsy shop.
http://www.etsy.com/shop/eclecticat444decorI’m just a beginner, but I will grow, I am “Dwilling”




Thanks for reading my blog! As a new blogger, I’m on a learning curve here too! But I’m striving!



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