Multiple Lives

Sometimes I’m all over the place, I definitely find life to be exciting and I’m always on to the “next best thing” and then I’m back to the thing I was doing a month ago because I remembered it was the “next best thing” I was loving to do with my time.  Where I’m going with this is my hobbies and interests.  I started scrapbooking over 15 years ago and in the past few years I’ve evolved with it and now I realize I’m truly a crafty/artsy person by heart.  I love the hands on – making things even to quilling paper (that was the thing I was doing a month ago) then last week, I put my quilling tool and papers away to do some fractal art and that was quite a bit of fun, until I realized how many more hours I was spending on a computer screen after working 9-5 on a computer and then wondering why I was getting headaches and then being frustrated because I have to squeeze my reading time in each night!

Well, this blog could go in so many directions at this point so I just want to sum it up with I have multiple lives (sounds better than a lot of interests) and it’s quite entertaining that is for certain.  I read an article in Psychology Today about “Reinventing Yourself” – Its was great – I think that is what I’m going through a type of “re-inventing myself” to be who I really want to be.  I haven’t educated myself on how to insert links and pictures and citations etc. into my blogging, but when I make the time to do that, I’m sure it will make significant improvements in my blogging abilities.  I read up on the etiquette and making sure to give credit where credit is due and that article was great and I think it was June 2014.

For what this post is worth…a big “Thank you ” in advance to anyone who reads it….as I’m not the quickest in replying, but I hope to get this blogging thing down (I know it’s been a thing for quite a long time) and I’m going to lose the fear and self-limiting beliefs of blogging.  I guess for years now, I’ve felt like I’m the only person on the planet not blogging, but I really know that is not true.


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