My experimenting in the unknown… I love digital art and design so decided to do a few things of my own with exploring fractal generators and design apps. I also love reading and learning new things and these past several months I have been focused on this Scripture  “all things are possible with God” as I continue to take steps closer to God and strengthen my faith. I am studying Scriptures and after reading I felt inspired to make a piece to go with my reading from Doctrine &.Covenants Book, Section 88:43 Besides naming this “Intelligence” I like to use the lyrics from one of my favorite songs that’s become a Mantra of mine! By One Republic:  Counting Stars, because I really have been losing sleep thinking about the things I could be!  God created us to create and there’s no better moment then NOW! #Art #Graphic #Design #Goals #liveinthenow #documentedfaith #Faith #LSD #Mormon #Monday #Productivity  #showyourwork


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