Cherish Wedding Card and other Musings

Ok, resurrecting my blog!  It’s been over a year since I posted.  Not sure if I’m the “blogging” type.  My “other” self says, “Really, Sherlock? – Ya, “duh” to me!  Anyway, if I blog once a year, that’s pretty much an indication that I’m probably not a “blogger”.  I need to make this quick though because once again, I’m trying to cram in about three days worth of stuff into one day/night and I still need to finish out this work week!  I’ve been a so called “weekend warrior” and that’s just not working for me in the past year!  I really just need to do a few things each evening after work and then still do projects, etc. on the weekend, but stop cramming EVERYTHING into a Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Maybe Monday mornings at work I wouldn’t feel so depleted if I just did a little bit each night.  My personality is such “All or Nothing” that it’s killing me!    I plan on making more Wedding Cards this summer, but like so many other good intentions I have, I’m not certain how many wedding cards I’ll actually make, but I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!make.  Image


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