2019 – Where Am I going?

So where am I going?  I’m working on my projects and doing what I need to do to feel the way I want to feel.  I’m in a place where meditation and artistic endeavors are colliding! It’s a great day to Feel Alive!  Where are you going?

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2018 is about CDF’s!

I’ve been missing again from my blog, yep, I tend to do that quite a bit.  2017 was quite the year for me and I’m not even going to review that year, in short there was many things that required my personal attention and when I needed relief I always turned to my CREATIVE LIFE. I’m still living creatively – it’s what drives me!  NOW I’m back and the “Now” and present moment is all we have.  My 2018 has started off really, really well!  I’m excited to share my creative projects and when I have some great photo collages of those I will post, but for now let me ask, “What is your 2018 looking like so far?” Right now, mine is truly about my CDF’s – what the heck is a CDF?   That’s what I thought when I got my 2018 Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte.

Core Desired Feeling – much stronger than just a “feeling” 

A CDF stands for Core Desired Feeling!  That sounded great to me so I am diving in.  I hope your 2018 is looking good with desires and hopefully everything you are doing is full of love and I hope you are asking yourself how you want to feel in 2018 and how do you want others to feel in 2018?  We should all want to feel loved! For me of course I want that, who doesn’t, but I’m also focused on “Feeling Alive” and that will be a post for another day – and hopefully at least each month as I’m creating a monthly theme around the words “Feel Alive”.  Anyhow…

Love is the answer for many, many things.  I’m not talking about romantic love, of course most love “romantic love” and maybe when you see the word, “love” your thoughts go to that, but I’m referring to pure love. The kind of love where you disappear because you put others first, the kind of love that keeps humanity thriving.

I’m not great at practicing this kind of love, but with age comes wisdom and some of the books and works of my favorite mentors (ya – Dr. Dyer and lately, Danielle LaPorte) wisdom that I’m recently digesting are having a positive impact on me, including music (may lyrics are crazy, deeply powerful) and I have this knowing that we should be living with this kind of love in all our actions, I think for the most part with all the turmoil (aka – Shit) we are dealing with collectively in the world and personally in our lives can just pierce our soul until we get that epiphany that we are half way through are lives (or at least I am) and it’s time to go deeper….”oh don’t you worry, follow your heart and nothing else – Simple Man”.  And look to nature – we can learn so much by observing clouds, the trees, the birds and of course the FLOWERS! pexels-photo-839442.jpegI wish us all the best to make 2018 full of love, this post is just an excerpt for my pre-exercise I have given to myself to find a CDF (Core Desired Feeling) through writing and practicing fierce love and wide-awake living in a way that works for me and ask myself at the end of 2018 – “How did you love?” not live, but love – “one thing you will leave behind is how did you love?” – Shinedown And that’s it from me. BTW – I’m a major Shinedown Fan now (ahhhhh….so just another band to occupy me!) I have some digital art photos – but I won’t post just yet, Shinedown has become somewhat of a distraction – it’s like chocolate for me, I just can’t eat one….so about 2 hours later I would still be listening to them or watching their videos on YouTube and I certainly don’t have time for that right now….see what I mean – Shinedown distracts me (Big Time!)

Back to my point(s)….
Now from Danielle Laporte, “ Desire Map Planners are universal, keep it light or go deep. Answer the soul prompts with just one word or fill up the margins. You can whisper the mantras or burn some pages. However you go about it, I hope you keep remembering, more deeply every time, that you can create a life that feels amazing – the way you want it to feel.”  I love my new planner and now my new book – The Desire Map book – it’s capital “A” AWESOME & AMAZING + (PLUS) I have already identified my TOP CDF – CDF is a Core Desired Feeling.  My TOP CDF is “Feeling Alive” – yep, that’s what I want to feel Alive!  (BTW – Shinedown has a song, “I’m Alive! – yep, I would add that in!)  So how do you want to feel in 2018?


Check out the link to see more resources!




MIA because of Frankenstein!

Well, I’ve done it again, always going MIA or in 20 other directions.  I forget I have a blog! Especially when October comes – I’m just getting all my Halloween happenings going!  I suppose this happens to new bloggers or especially those who just don’t consistently blog or if you are like me and just have to get all the holiday activity that you can into your schedule!

  • decorating the house
  • making décor for the store
  • visiting pumpkin patches
  • visiting fall boutiques
  • going to haunted houses
  • Raking and mostly Playing in the leaves!
  • Picking Apples – Making Apple Shakes – YUM!  First time ever – they were a hit!
  • Baking Bread
  • shopping at Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby
  • Fitting in my Toastmasters Speeches – my favorite speech yet – introducing my Altered Books!
  • And did I mention making décor….oh, yes, yes I did….I can spend countless hours making things!

So writing/blogging has been the last thing on my mind!  I never fail to get updates out!  If you are on Instagram – I’m all about Instagram! A Visual and a quick description – that’s just my perfect preference because like I mentioned, I’m always making things.  I prefer to be “hands-on” right in the action of mixing paint, staining paper, stamping, inking, using a hammer to nail a book shut, twisting wires and wrapping mesh, or weaving a dreamcatcher or beading sequins!  Well, I suppose it’s better to have a short blog post instead of no blog post right?

It’s Fall Time and Holiday time so as a maker I will be MIA as I’m prepping to continue to stock two shops!  Things are going very well and it’s that Holiday season to decorate and give our homes new, fresh décor.  Halloween is a really fun time for me because I love making altered books and tags and cards.  I had a lot of satisfaction making my latest project and it is ALIVE!  – In perfect Monster Mashing style.

So Frank is just one project that has kept me very busy.  I have another book in progress and a bottle and about a handful of cards to finish to go with the décor pieces….you know me….I have to have the coordinating things to go with the rest of the things!  I want them to be the perfect gift combos!  I managed to make around 50 treat tags too – see the creations below – Hope you enjoyed reading and a peek into my creative world. Now I feel like reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!  I always have time for a good book especially a classic!  This book is not available on ETSY – It’s going to the market, but I have a great Zombie Book and Vampire Spellbook in the Etsy Store – at the top of the page “Click Here to Shop Etsy”  and it will take you to the ETSY store!  Note:  I only have one available -never duplicate the handmade creations!


Believe in Time 

It’s been awhile again and I’m going in hundred directions!  I’m happy it’s Friday and a three day weekend,  I just need more three day weekends or how about three weeks off work (that would be my miracle!)  Oh,  day jobs get in the way and it’s frustrating when I’m trying to make my art and build a small business and all the other things that are life’s demands. 

I’m sorry, my intention is not to complain,  it’s to get my  feelings and thoughts out in the open onto a page, to keep my blog active,  I love journaling and haven’t found the time,  so I just decided, it’s a good moment to take my break from work and to release them and realize everything will be OK.  Right?  Tell me it will,  tell me that someone reads my blog?  Tell me that someone follows my Facebook business page?  ….And that’s another page I took a break from for a bit. 

I know I’m a dreamer and sometimes I get impatient and I have to remind myself that building a business takes time and I need to realize my accomplishments… I just don’t have many cheering me on and that’s OK, I’m not looking for praise or sympathy,  I’m just needing one person to say,  “Hey Girl,  it’s going to be O.K. – you are doing great,  you are working hard and your dreams are in process! ” In “Due Time” right?  I just joined Toastmasters and I’m hoping to improve my writing and communication skills,  I just got a mentor and I think she will be a wonderful resource for me to learn from and develop more skills and confidence and PATIENCE with myself,  I am patient with others,  but when it comes to myself I’m a mess!  I demand too much from myself,  I have this ” one woman” business,  but I make things with the mentality of a workforce that would require at least 20 people to accomplish what I want to accomplish,  it’s simply crazy,  I’ve got to slow down. 

Dreamcatchers have been my favorite items to make,  I’m always in a nice relaxed state of mind when I’m making them. Ahhh,  I’m going to be a dreamer and in the (cliché ) lyrics from Journey,  telling myself “Don’t Stop Believing” and Fleetwood Mac,  “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow it will soon be here” hard one to swallow when I still have almost 15 years until retirement..  I need a miracle,  I have a goal to be out if my day job in 5-7 years!  Someone help me reach my Goal!  

Ok,  on a final note of motivational lyrics by Olivia Newton John,  “Have to believe we are magic,  nothing can stand in our way! ” 


My July (One shop opened!)

20160630_164758-1oh my, where do I begin with my July?!  It’s like a blur now, like a whirlwind that came through and left me feeling, like I need to ask, “What just happened?”  July is my most favorite month because it’s the heart of Summer and it’s also my birthday month!  And the fact that it’s just summer makes me really happy.

So I managed to get quite a bit done personally and professionally!  The pic above was a pallet my brother-in-law was going to cut up and throw in the fire!  Can you even imagine that! (haha…) I yelled no, stop I’m going to use that.  So now this sits by our huge pine tree at the camp spot – it looks awesome!

Ok, so we managed to camp quite a few weekends and had a big camping get together over the fourth of July, then it was hustle time for me to get my store (booth) set up in a new store in our hometown!  One of the reasons I closed my Etsy shop so I could focus on inventory and set up for the new shop that opened this month.  First, I need to say  I’m so grateful for my husband and son – especially my husband taking time to go shopping with me to get the fixtures and then load them in the truck and drive home on the freeway with them (which was scary – one piece was very wobbly and we didn’t anticipate getting two pieces – so it had to stand upright on the one and a half hour drive home) -I held my breath a lot…..and we made it without one tumbling out of the truck and being trampled on freeway, I had so many thoughts going through my head on the drive home.  Then my daughter helped us too and the four of us managed to get them from the truck into the store.  They were dang heavy!!!!!  (Below my son models the heaviest piece.)


20160622_174123So, maybe I should back up a bit with the story.  I got the opportunity to have my handmade items in a new store in my hometown!  Morgan Mercantile opened it’s doors for a preview on July 4th so I was scrambling to get my items set up!  I managed to get it done for the most part. Here’s one fixture with my handmade dreamcatchers, acrylic art bulbs, greeting cards and acrylic mixed-media frames.

20160624_154106-1I anticipated opening my Etsy shop back up the end of July, but I blinked and now it’s August and I’m not open nor will I be for a bit.  I anticipated getting more items made and I had a pretty successful month at the new store (YAY!  No complaining at all) but I had to re-stock a few things and so I haven’t been able to get more made to put back online – between working my full time job, getting this set up and maintained, camping on weekends and other fun summer stuff we like to squeeze in plus just the average day to day stuff that has to be done (dinner, laundry – we still need to eat and smell clean) it’s been a whirlwind.  I managed to “sit” in my yard a couple times to enjoy what I planted – oh, trying to do a garden and yardwork too….it’s a wonder I have a plant living!  I have a few tomato plants – not all of them are doing so well (bummer) and then a few flowers that are perennials (I’m learning these are the best plants since they will come back year after year – at least I hope so) and I’m pretty much giving up on flower baskets – it’s been too hot.  So, in a nutshell, I’ve been really MIA here on my blog!  If you follow and read – thanks so much…this was quite a mouthful/earful!

Oh yes, I also joined Toastmasters International so I anticipate becoming a better communicator/writer/speaker. I think this will help with my blogging abilities as well. I joined in July too!   Me and my bright ideas (and I’m being sarcastic – because I always think “hey, yes I should….I can do that, no problem)  then crashes and looks like a zombie for two days while I recover from the 100 things I’m trying to do and commitments I made! I’m really all or nothing so right now…I’m an “ALL” and in a few days I will be a “Nothing”  As an introvert I have to recharge and lately I have to recharge big time!

I’m kind of screaming inside my head because I love Halloween and I have lots of ideas of things to make, but I know I won’t have the time to get all of them done, but I’ll do the best I can and I’m slowly making progress!  I have to remind myself of all the big steps I took this past year ….for heck’s sakes I started my own business!!!!! That’s a big deal right?  Everything that goes into it.  Ok, I’ve blogged enough to make up for the lag in-between my last post.   Like I mentioned above, I managed to sit for about a minute in my yard and I love the moments when I see butterflies and believe me, these butterflies have been around my yard all summer…..good signs of my Transformation!  Here’s a couple more pics, our camp spot by the river with our doggies!  And from my yard – my cute perennial flower with a sweet butterfly!  Cheers friends until next time!


Star Wars Frames

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I have an Obsession!


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